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Summits vs. Online Giveaways

The hardest part of an online giveaway

My 5 step framework for hosting giveaways

Interview with Lynn Neville

Interview with Andrea Stenberg

Interview with Jan Revell

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Your email list could double in a matter of WEEKS and you can get PAID to do it!

You want to grow your email list and you want to grow it FAST, like yesterday. You're frustrated because you've been stuck at the same number of email subscribers for months. Everything you've done so far is adding a trickle of subscribers to your email list. You've done everything "they" told you to do. Post on social media, they said. Do reels and go live, they said. Speak on virtual summits and podcasts, they said. You've done all of that already!

You wish you had that "big email list" already. That email list that when you put an offer out there, people actually buy stuff. You don't hear crickets. You hear cha-ching! And it didn't take you 5 years to get there either. You want a simple step by step method on how to grow your email list FAST and you can do it whenever you want to.

Let's make this more interesting: what if you got paid to do it? Think about it: You grow your email list by the hundreds (or thousands) in 2 weeks or less and you got paid to do it. There's money flowing into your bank account AND your email list is growing. You're riding a wave of momentum into your next launch because you have NEW people on your email list ready to hear about your offer.

This can happen because this is the reality for me and my clients. You CAN grow your email list by the hundreds (or thousands) and get paid to do it. You do it by hosting an online giveaway. Now, all you need is the step by step formula on how to do it.

Introducing the
Perfect Giveaway Formula!

A 7 week live, group program that shows you step by step how to host a successful and profitable online giveaway that will grow your email list by the HUNDREDS in 3 weeks or less!

My perfect giveaway formula will show you how to host an online giveaway that your attendees will love and rave about! Even if you've NEVER hosted one before and WITHOUT depending on the "big dogs" in your industry. With my formula, you will know how to host online giveaways whenever you want and you'll be able to repeat the process over and over again!

Online giveaways make it possible to get that group program off the ground and launched.

One of the biggest myths I hear about online giveaways is that the people who sign up for an online giveaway don't buy. That couldn't be further from the truth. Just by sheer numbers, you're going to have people who are going to buy. When you have hundreds (and even thousands) of people getting onto your email list, you are going to have buyers.

Not only have I seen the magic for myself of getting buyers into my courses and other offerings from online giveaways, but online giveaways made it possible for me get my high level group program launched and off the ground. I launched the Explode Your Audience Academy in April 2020. This was my high level group program and it was priced at $2,500. I raised it to $3,500 a few months later. I raised it again to $5,000 about 6 months after I launched it. 80% of the people who signed up for that high level group program came from an online giveaway. They bought one low cost offer and then went on to invest in my high level group program. They NEVER bought a course from me!

I want that to sink in. 80% of the people who went on to spend $2,500, $3,500, and $5,000 NEVER bought a course from me, and they call came through an online giveaway. I want you to stop thinking that the people who come through online giveaways are just "freebie seekers". They're not. Some of your best clients could be coming through an online giveaway and all you have to do is host your own so you can have hundreds or thousands of them on your email list.

Hey, I'm Kristen!

Back in 2018, I had just burned down my email list and I wanted to build it back up FAST. I had tried doing virtual summits and being a guest on podcasts but it seemed like my email list was growing SO SLOW! I started doing Facebook Ads but I didn't want to keep spending money all the time. I started doing online giveaways and I was hooked! I was adding HUNDREDS and even THOUSANDS to my email list in 2 weeks or less. Which got me thinking...

If I was participating and getting hundreds or thousands of people signing up to be on my email list, how many opt-ins was the giveaway host getting?

In 2019, I decided to give it a try. I hosted my first online giveaway with 24 participants and walked away with 742 opt-ins and $2,876.15 cash received. Not bad for my first one! On my next online giveaway, I decided to try something different. What if I could host an online giveaway for people with smaller email lists? If it's all about "small email lists get great engagement" (at least that's what they say), then this shouldn't be a problem. My 2nd online giveaway happened 4 months later. I had 29 participants and walked away with 508 opt-ins and $3,835.15 cash received.

Since then, I have hosted 15+ online giveaways in total adding THOUSANDS of people to my email list every year and making over $15k cash received every year from hosting online giveaways. You can say that I've got this down to a science. More specifically, a formula.

I know EXACTLY how many people I need to invite and the size of their email list based on how many opt-ins I want to get from my online giveaways. The best part is that I don't need the "big dogs" or the "gurus" to be a part of my online giveaway to hit my goal. I just asked my friends and the colleagues that I had a relationship with that fit my formula. The rest is history.

That's why I'm so excited about the Perfect Giveaway Formula! I know if you follow it step by step you can grow your email list, get paid to do it, and have people raving about it!

Here's how it's going down...

Week 1: Planning your online giveaway

In the first week, we're going to plan your giveaway. I'll be sharing how long your online giveaway should be, how to name it, how to be creative with your online giveaway so it can stand out, and how much time you need to prepare for your online giveaway.

Week 2: Filling your online giveaway

No people = no online giveaway
I'll show you my perfect giveaway formula so you know how many people you need to invite to participate, key elements of what your invitations needs to say, and how to get referrals for your online giveaway.

Week 3: Running your online giveaway event

There are A LOT of moving parts when it comes to running an online giveaway. I'll share the 3 pages you need to run your online giveaway, how to track your contributor's promotion efforts, and what pieces of your online giveaway you can outsource.

Week 4: Wrapping up your online giveaway

There are some things left to do when your online giveaway is over. I'll show you what numbers to look at so you can tell if it was a good online giveaway, how you decide who to invite back to your next one, and how to get testimonials from your contributors.

Week 5: Cashing in from your online giveaway

The online giveaway event is over and now it's time to cash in! Now that you have all of these NEW people onto your email list, how do you convert them into clients? I'll share 3 strategies that I've been using to cash in from all of the NEW opt-ins I've gotten from my online giveaway events.

The Perfect Giveaway Formula includes...

5 Live Trainings + Q&A

Every Wednesday for 5 weeks, starting on November 21, I’ll be hosting live group trainings at 1pm Eastern. I’ll be walking you through EVERYTHING you need to know about how to plan, create, and monetize your own online giveaway event. At the end of each training, we'll have time for Q&A to make sure you are clear and covered. The calls will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to them.

My Templates & Spreadsheets just for you!

You’ll receive my templates, checklists, and spreadsheets so that you know what to do to have a successful, profitable, and fun online giveaway event. These are the same templates, checklists, and spreadsheets I've been using for my past 15 giveaways!

Tech Implementation Day

I'll be hosting a Tech Implementation Day on Tuesday, January 9 from 10am-12pm EST to show you step by step how to set up your online giveaway. I'll explain why I use the tools I use in my tech stack and recommend alternatives. Can't make it? The recording will be available in 2-3 business days afterward.

Additional Q&A Session

I want to make sure that you're completely clear and supported on how to host your online giveaway event. So, I’m throwing in an additional Q&A session at the end of the program. The Q&A session will take place on Tuesday, January 16 at 1pm Eastern.
The session will be recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time if you can't make it live.

NEW! 6 Additional Months of Support

You'll get 6 months of additional support to help you host your own online giveaway. Support includes a monthly call on Zoom and weekly Voxer Office hours from 9am-5pm ET.

Private Facebook Group

Once you sign up, you'll get INSTANT access to the private Perfect Giveaway Formula Facebook Group. This is where you'll get to know your fellow online giveaway hosts and support each other throughout the program.

My Giveaway Debriefs

After every giveaway I host, I do a debrief to break down how it went: how many opt-ins I got, what new things I implemented, and what things I can improve on. I'm giving you all 15 of my online giveaway debriefs.

Monetize Your Giveaway BEFORE It Starts!

There are more ways to make money from your online giveaway other than what you charge to participate and the offer you make on the back end. I'll show you our favorite ways that we've made money from our online giveaways.

Facebook Ads for Online Giveaways

Facebook Ads is one of the ways that I send more traffic to the online giveaway and get more opt-ins. I'll show you step by step how I set up my Facebook Ads for my online giveaways so that you can do it for YOUR online giveaways!

Ticket to Explode Your Audience Experience virtual event in April!

Explode Your Audience Experience is my list-building course done virtually in 3 days. Next year, it will be held on April 9-11. While everyone will be paying $197 or more for their ticket, you'll get a free ticket to attend!

Promote your giveaway invite to my email list!

Get your online giveaway together by the end of the course (i.e. a date, title, and a link where people can get more info) and I'll promote it to my email list so you can get contributors for your online giveaway!

Love for the Perfect Giveaway Formula...

When I saw Kristen’s offer of The Perfect Giveaway Formula, I wasn’t sure if I needed it…I’d taken part in several giveaways and I had already purchased a course on how to launch your own giveaway several months before.

So although I was skeptical I decided to take the leap anyway, and I’m so glad that I did. Kristen has an uncanny way of breaking things down so that taking action becomes a no-brainer. Before the course was completed, my giveaway was launched and I had doubled my investment.

It was important to me to create a win not just for myself, but also my contributors, Kristen’s step by step guidance helped me to create an exceptional experience right out of the gate. Several of my contributors wrote to me to say how impressed they were by the organization and that they really appreciated how easy it was to participate as a contributor. Others contacted me to say how much fun they had and loved the contests. 

All of this was Kristen’s coaching - I merely followed her instructions.

With regards to numbers, I exceeded by target with just under 600 opt ins. I had a total of 21 contributors. I was also able to donate $569 to my favorite charity, something which I have never done before, again modeled by Kristen.

It was definitely a lot of work to host the giveaway, but the bulk of the work was made so much easier by the templates, tracking sheets and models provided by Kristen. These tools are what really made the difference and got me into action. 

This year I am planning to host 4 giveaways, the first one has not even been announced yet and already I’ve had several people contact me eager to sign up. None of this would have been possible without Kristen’s guidance.

If you’re thinking about hosting your own giveaway, don’t hesitate, buy this course.

- Carolyn Shadrach

People told me for years that I should host my own giveaway. But I never considered it because it was "too much work" and I "didn't know how to do it." Then along came Kristen's Perfect Giveaway Formula, and I was out of excuses. Kristen breaks down each part of the process so you have a step-by-step roadmap to follow. It turns out it's NOT too much work when you know exactly what to do and when to do it! Within six months of taking this course, I hosted my own giveaway and doubled the size of my email list. Thanks to Kristen, it was easier than I'd ever thought it could be. Now my giveaway is an annual event!

- Holly Doherty

Some love from my giveaway participants...

This has been the most fun I've ever experienced as a giveaway contributor. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Kristen's giveaway. My gift was #4 in popularity on the leaderboard and my landing page ended up being #1 on the leaderboard for conversions.

I met some incredible business experts and added 235 subscribers to my email list!

- Jenna Carelli

About a year ago, I launched The Rebel's Den and started my email list with 43 people. Growing my email list without running ads is a bit slow, but since participating in Kristen’s giveaways, my email list has grown to over 237 amazing people that want to hear from me.

- Petra Monaco

It's often said that getting out of the gate is the hardest part of building a business, especially when it comes to list-building. Yet Kristen Robinson lifted the velvet rope to exceeding talented entrepreneurs, despite having a modest list size, and created an incredible opportunity and an even better experience.  Even though I wasn't sure what to expect, Kristen blew me away!

The cherry on top (well, one of them) was that I increased my list size over 50%!  It was so easy that if it weren't so fun I might feel guilty! 😉

- Madelaine Coelyn

I just participated in Kristen Robinson’s Rock Your Launch Giveaway, and it was fantastic.  

Kristen knows what she’s doing, she creates an excellent product, everything works beautifully (for us the participants, and for the Giveaway opt ins), she holds us participants up in the best light with the best chance for visibility, and she makes it fun with games and leaderboards and stats and all! And you get big results!  

I increased my email list by 195, and got 5 direct sign ups for consultation calls. Just like that.

- Sheryl Bernstein

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the calls for the Perfect Giveaway Formula? 

All the calls are at 10am PT/1pm ET on Tuesdays starting on November 21. All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded into your Training Area within 2 business days.

What if I can't make the calls live? How do I get my question answered?

You can send an email to my team at, reply to one of our reminder emails, or comment in the Q&A thread in the private Facebook group.  

What if I'm not ready to host an online giveaway right now?

No problem! When you invest in the course, you'll get 6 months of ongoing support in our private Facebook Group so you don't have to get started right away.

Is the program live with you or recorded?

Yes, the Perfect Giveaway Formula is LIVE with me. I'll be doing a live training every week with live Q&A after the training.

How long will I have access to the program?

You have unlimited access to this round of the Perfect Giveaway Formula. If you can't join me live, you can go through the program at your own pace.

I can't afford this right now. When will you be doing it again?

To be honest, I'm not sure. Have you seen the payment plan options though? You can sign up starting with as little as $197 per month!

Do I need an email list for this program to work for me?

Actually, you don't need an email list to host your own online giveaway. It's great if you do but it's not needed. 

I understand this is a group program but what if I need 1 on 1 support? 

You can sign up for the VIP option which includes 3 private 1 on 1 calls and direct access to me via Voxer.

Final Note from Kristen

Here's what I want you to understand: Online giveaways really changed the course of my business. Not only do I grow my email list and get paid to do it, but I've never had so much momentum in my business. Just knowing that hundreds or even thousands of people are coming onto my email list every 90 days is a game changer. And I know it can be the same for you.

This is why I created the Perfect Giveaway Formula. I wanted online coaches to experience the same success I had with online giveaways. I knew there were people out there who needed this.

The first time I offered this program, we had a 100% success rate! Every person who took the program hosted their first online giveaway within 6 months of taking it. It was so amazing to witness! Just seeing how hosting their first online giveaway change their business was astounding. Now, most of my clients host 2-3 online giveaways per year because they saw just what 1 online giveaway can do in their business.

I'm not going to lie to you: Doing an online giveaway is going to take some work. I've made it really easy for you by giving you my templates, spreadsheets, and examples in the Perfect Giveaway Formula. The good news is that once you've got your online giveaway set up, you can run it again and again! It's how I'm able to run 4 online giveaways a year. Once we set it up once and run it, it's just a matter of inviting people and doing it again because everything is already in place.

You CAN do this! We (me + the community) got you. Let's grow that email list, get paid, and get some momentum going in your business. Click the button below to join me for the Perfect Giveaway Formula.

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