Explode Your Audience Terms and Conditions

Use of Our Products & Offers

Any products or offers (free or paid) are owned by Kristen Robinson and Explode Your Audience. If you sign up for one of our free products or offers or pay for one of our products or offers, you are doing so with a non-commercial license. This means that you cannot:

  • Sell or trade your access to our products and offers to anyone who has or has not purchased the (or any) product or offer of Explode Your Audience.
  • Share your access to our product or offer with anyone else who did purchase it. This includes family and friends. You may share your access to a workshop, bootcamp, or course (NOT a program mastermind, or membership!) with one team member who is salaried or an independent contractor who you consider a member of your team (i.e. a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager). If you need another team member to have access to the workshop, bootcamp, or course, you can purchase another seat for a discounted price.
  • Use any part of our product or offer (or in its entirety) as your own. This includes printing (physical copy), publishing (online), or selling it as your own without changes or with changes. This also includes any supplementary materials (i.e. workbooks, worksheets, or handouts).
  • Use any part of our product or offer (or in its entirety) or any supplementary materials (i.e. workbooks, worksheets, or handouts) for any illegal actions This includes pretending, masquerading, or deceiving others as the Explode Your Audience brand.

If you would like to use or publish our content (this includes free and paid offers and products) or any of our supplementary materials (i.e. workbooks, worksheets, or handouts) for commercial use or to use within your own business or company, you MUST send a request to Hello@ExplodeYourAudience.com prior to doing so.

If it is found that you are using any of our content, materials, free products and offers, or paid offers and products, including supplementary materials (i.e. workbooks, worksheets, or handouts) for commercial use without consent, you can be subject to punishment by law.

Earnings Disclaimer

You understand that legally we cannot guarantee any email list results or sales results. Any examples that have been shown on our website are client case studies only. Please understand results are not typical, I am not implying you will duplicate them. Your results will vary and depend on many factors. All business decisions and efforts entail risk with massive and consistent effort and action.

Refund Policy & Cancellations

Here is our Refund Policy...
Given that our products are digital and available to download and consume immediately, we do not give any refunds under any circumstances, unless required by law in the United States or in the state of North Carolina.

Please do your due diligence before purchasing a product or offer from Explode Your Audience. If you have any questions about our products or offers, you can send an email to Hello@ExplodeYourAudience.com.

Regarding Cancellations...
If you are on a payment plan for one of our offers or products, you CANNOT cancel. A payment plan is a binding contract between you and Explode Your Audience once you make a purchase. If you cancel your payment plan without fulfilling your commitment, you will no longer be able to purchase any more of our products or offers until the payment plan has been completed.

If you are in one of our memberships, you will be billed automatically until you officially cancel your membership. You can do this 3 different ways:

  • Method #1: Cancel within our payment processor
  • Method #2: Login to the membership and you'll see instructions to cancel
  • Method #3: Submit your cancellation to Hello@ExplodeYourAudience.com at LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS before you are set to be billed.

Cancellations will NOT be official if you do not reach out earlier than the 5 business days in Method #3 or attempt to communicate your cancellation in any other manner.

In all of our memberships, you will have access to ALL of the content above WHILE you are a member. Should you decide to cancel your membership, you will LOSE access to any content that you did not directly purchase.

If you received an event ticket (virtual or live) as part of your membership, you need to be a member in good standing. This means no missed payments or late payments. Your account must be up to date prior to redeeming your ticket.  

Kristen Cash

Congratulations! You've got Kristen Cash! 🙌🏾

Think of Kristen Cash as a gift card but for the products and services that Explode Your Audience provides. Just like a gift card, you can only use it as credit towards something you want prior to your purchase. You can use it for most Explode Your Audience offers. There is a list below of what you can apply Kristen Cash to.

The best time to use your Kristen Cash is anytime you like but pay close attention during a launch or promotion. Remember, Kristen Cash is basically a gift card so you're eligible for all bonuses, perks, and all the good stuff too!

Want to redeem your Kristen Cash? Here's how...

Step 1: Send an email to Hello@ExplodeYour Audience.com letting us know that you want to use it and what you want to use it on. Make sure you pay attention to when your Kristen Cash expires.

Step 2: We'll provide you with the amount of Kristen Cash you have and when it expires. We'll also give you instructions on how to access the offer you want. It can be a coupon code, a custom payment link, direct access to the offer, or other options.

That's it! Please note that if you are trying to use Kristen Cash during a launch or promotion and it's the final hours before the cart closes, we MUST receive an email prior to the deadline. If we receive an email AFTER the deadline, we will not apply Kristen Cash to that offer.

Please allow 2-3 business days to process your request for Kristen Cash.

Ready to spend your Kristen Cash? Here's what you can get...

  • Workshops - Examples: The Audience Accelerator Workshop, Explode Your Audience with Online Giveaways Workshop, etc.
  • Bootcamps - Examples: Bundle Bootcamp, Sell to Your Audience Bootcamp, etc.
  • Courses - Example: Perfect Giveaway Formula

You cannot spend your Kristen Cash on:

  • Programs & Masterminds - Example: Explode Your Audience Academy, The JV Collective
  • Memberships - Example: The Email List Club
  • Live In-Person Events - Example: Explode Your Audience Experience, CollabCon, or any retreats
  • Kristen Cash - I mean it makes sense right? Can't use Kristen Cash to purchase more Kristen Cash! 🤣
  • Premium spots in our JV Collective list-building events - Example: Laptop Lifestyle Giveaway, Get Clients Now Bundle, Kickoff The Year Giveaway, etc.
  • Any type of collaboration offer where I'm promoting someone's product/offer

Kristen Cash is valid for:

  • A fixed period of time, i.e. 90 days from a purchase of a product - or - January to March 2024.
  • All Kristen Cash expires at 11:59pm ET on the date of expiration.

If you receive Kristen Cash, you will receive a confirmation email or a separate email from the Explode Your Audience Team confirming your Kristen Cash including when it's valid and when it expires.

Any unused or unspent Kristen Cash is no longer valid after the expiration date. At a minimum, we will send you an email reminder 30 days from your Kristen Cash expiration date to remind you that your Kristen Cash will expire. Again, please make sure you pay attention to when your Kristen Cash expires.

And here's all the other legal stuff regarding Kristen Cash...

  • Kristen Cash is Non-Refundable
    Unless it is required by law in the United States or the State of North Carolina. If you wish to request a refund on a purchase where you used Kristen Cash (in full or partially) you must send an email to Hello@ExplodeYourAudience.com. Any refunds using Kristen Cash will be refunded in Kristen Cash (not in actual cash). We will then issue you new expiration dates based on your new Kristen Cash.
  • Kristen Cash is Non-Transferrable
    Kristen Cash cannot be transferred to another person, business, a salaried person on your team, or an independent contractor who serves as a member of your team. If you have Kristen Credit under multiple email addresses, we reserve the right to condense all of your Kristen Cash under one email address.
  • The Right to Use Kristen Cash
    If Kristen Cash has been given to you (i.e. as a bonus, a surprise from Explode Your Audience, or any other circumstance), we reserve the right to dismiss your balance or remove your use of Kristen Cash. In the rare event we would do this, it would be if you failed to complete a payment plan on an Explode Your Audience offer or product. We may remove or restrict your use of Kristen Cash until all payments are complete.

Want to see how much Kristen Cash you have?

If you want to know how much Kristen Cash you have, send an email to Hello@ExplodeYourAudience.com. We'll provide you with the amount of Kristen Cash you have and when it expires.

If you have used multiple email addresses in our system for notifications (i.e. you're on our email list with multiple email addresses) or have made purchases with multiple email addresses, please provide all email addresses you use so we can get back to you in a timely manner.